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    Issue 7



    How do artists approach vessels and containers, both in terms of utilitarian object and metaphor?

    The thematic question for this issue of New Suns surfaced in the last issue, Ways of Learning, as contributors emphasized the importance of archives in their practices. We were also inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction,” in which she positions the carrier (basket, net, pouch) as more compelling and more necessary than any weapon (spear, stick, arrow) or hero wielding it.

    This latest issue of New Suns examines how five artists hold and carry their memories and dreams through wood, fruit, feathers, and glass. We’ve learned that these materials possess their own histories and desires that the artists respect, admire, and uplift through their work. As you spend time with each of them, we hope you feel a renewed sense of what it means to gather and collect.

    With gratitude,
    Jessica Ferrer and Kate Blair


    P.S. Speaking of archives, New Suns has a new Index page!


    A note on the art direction in this issue:

    The graphics library for this issue derives from process driven prompts and material experimentation from the editorial team. The iconographic clip art and base composition were provided by Kate Blair. These elements were screen printed onto a polymer sheet. The collective outline of the images built the base for the mold. Looking at this moment of material inquiry, the questions arise—when does a surface become a carrier and when does a carrier become an image?

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