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    Issue 9


    For this special edition of New Suns, we connected with twelve artists from Mutual Mentorship for Musicians (M³), an artist-led platform dedicated to empowering musicians from historically underrepresented identities and backgrounds, about how they transform ideas from their head and heart into outward sonic expressions.


    How do artists encounter translation in their creative practices and daily lives?

    Their six paired conversations yielded tender revelations about the importance of trust, respect, and vulnerability between creative partners. We repeatedly heard that meaningful translation takes time and requires patience. It begins with showing up fully present, listening first, and then contributing. It also often means learning to let go of unsustainable practices and external pressures. In short, it means being willing to improvise.

    Rather than being bogged down by the way things are or have been, we admire these artists for their unwavering commitment to turning the tide toward care, of oneself and others. In spending time learning more about these musicians, we hope you feel encouraged to pursue your own forms of expression unapologetically.

    With gratitude,
    Jessica Ferrer and Kate Blair


    A note on the art direction in this issue:

    The graphics for this issue derive from process driven prompts and material experimentation from the editorial team. The iconographic idea originated from a watercolor drawing by Allie Linn and was translated by Nadine Nakanishi.

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