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New Suns: Listening with Artists is an online publication of commissions, experiences, and stories from artists responding to life and the world around them. Each issue centers the curious-minded ways artists challenge and reconfigure established frameworks through play, conversation, reflection, and speculation. New Suns hopes to encourage learning from and listening with the individuals behind the art.

Editorial Team

Kate Blair

Communications Coordinator
She // Her // Hers

Creative headshot photo of Kate Blair
Photo courtesy of Kate Blair.

[ID: a porcelain cat figurine and burning candle nub are framed in a reflective metal surface.]


Kate is a jotter and daydreamer who enjoys coffee, books, houseplants, and bits and bobs. She lives with her wife, dog, and cat and a growing collection of journals. 

Jessica Ferrer

Program Manager
She // Her // Hers

Creative headshot photo of Jessica Ferrer
Photo courtesy of Jessica Ferrer.

[ID: An image of a spider plant resting on a windowsill in a greenish-blue pot. It is made up of three different photographs of the spider plant at different angles, layered one on top of the other to create a ghostly, aura-like effect. The plant’s long, thin leaves are a little scraggly and burnt at the tips, and some are punctured with cat bite marks.]


Jessica is an artist who explores forms of tacit knowledge through weaving, text, video, and sound. She is a former figure skater, current Formula 1 fan, and future fossil.

Allie Linn

Initiatives Manager
They // Them // Theirs

Photo courtesy of Allie Linn.

[Image ID: On a beige wall in a minimal dentist office hangs a cup dispenser holding a stack of disposable lavender cups.]


Allie is a curator and artist exploring collaborative institution-building, site-responsive practices, and crowd-sourced archives. They enjoy reading groups and alternative education, bread baking, and handbuilding.

Nadine Nakanishi

She // Her // Hers

Creative headshot gif of Nadine Nakanishi
GIF courtesy of Nadine Nakanishi.

[ID: Animated loop of a photocopy of a person’s side face, eyes shut, pressed to the copier glass. A gradient from black to ochre and a change in picture resolution move the contours into focus or make them undecipherable.]


Nadine’s favorite medium for making graphic work is screen printing because so many ideas flow through, even if they are flat! She’s currently very interested in the holographic principle, apropos flatness.

Luz Maria Orozco

Program Assistant
They // Them // Theirs

Creative headshot photo of Luz Maria Orozco
Photo courtesy of Luz Maria Orozco.

[ID: A datura flower is ready to bloom, their petals are curled into a spiral. The flower is being held up by a hand with light brown skin against a background of green foliage.]


Luz is an artist, plant enthusiast, and has an Aquarius stellium. You can find them in their backyard cleaning seeds and creating fermented natural dye baths.

United States Artists

United States Artists is a national arts funding organization headquartered in Chicago, IL. We raise money and redistribute resources to the country’s most compelling artists and cultural practitioners. We focus on supporting and centering individual artists through unrestricted awards, professional services, and content development. For more information, visit

United States Artists
200 West Madison Street, Fl 3
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 470-6325

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